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Yoga Guidance:

This page is for information on Yoga within the Covid 19 pandemic. It will detail services available and what to expect from Yoga at the present time.

Yoga Service available

At present, the following services are available:


Public Classes

121 Classes 

Small Group Private Yoga

Outdoor (weather permitting):

Small group Private Yoga (socially distanced, up to 5 from different households, or 2 households)

121 Yoga (at social distance)


121 Classes (at social distance)

Small group Yoga (up to 5 people from different households, or 2 households, ensuring social distance can be met).

NOTE: For outdoor and indoor events please be aware that you should postpone class if:

You are displaying symptoms of Covid 19 (fever, cough, loss of taste/small)

Have been into contact with someone with Covid 19 within the last 14 days

You have been contact via Test & Trace and told to self isolate.

Other guidance:

You will have to bring your own mat and equipment for indoor & outdoor events

All classes are on a pre book and pre pay system. Classes can be paid via Paypal or Bank transfer. Please contact me for these details.

It is your choice in face to face services, if you would want to wear a mask, as classes are conducted at social distance

In face to face classes, please wash/sanitize your hands before and after class.

In face to face class classes, especially if travelling to a class that you shower and wash your clothes after Yoga.

This page will be regularly updated to reflect current government guidance. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details given on my "Contact" page

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