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Ground Zero Pt 1 - The Situation Of Satya
5 essential oils to put Spring back into your step!
Relax Revive Restore - A Concept


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Ground Zero Pt 1 - The Situation Of Satya


I write this post in all honesty. It has happened to many colleagues in my field and outside it. To deny it, would be a disservice to the very people we serve in life. It is in the spirit of honesty. In Yoga, Satya. Satya is a fundamental quality in Yoga. It means not only truthfulness, but “ the virtuous restraint from falsehood in distortion of reality in one’s own expressions and actions”. For more info on this subject, have a look at this -

5 essential oils to put Spring back into your step!

The land is beginning to turn warmer and everyone and everything is coming out of hibernation as Spring is upon us. It is natural in these months to want to slough off the sleepiness of Winter and our general way of living instinctively becomes lighter and our bodies more active as we make more use of the outdoors again.  Sometimes we need a helping hand to get going into the warmer months as we can feel a little sluggish from our own hibernation from the cold, so here I have listed 5 essential oils you can try that may aid you get your bodies and minds moving again.

Relax Revive Restore - A Concept

In my first article I wanted to display the over riding theme that has been and become a huge part of my life and is the foundation ofthe work that I do. A more serious piece, especially for me, but it will explain a lot of my chosen path in life and how it may help to serve you.
Back in 2010 I decided I wanted a change.  I had finished going through a somewhat rough patch and as with some rough patches, transition often develops. My best friend told me to make this my last character building exercise if that is anything to go by on the scale of how particularly rough this patch was.
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