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"Blessed is he who speaks a kindness, thrice blessed is he who repeats it"

- Arabian Proverb


"I find her of cheery disposition with the highest standard of professionalism and punctuality. Lucy is a very talented masseuse who always excels at providing her skills, while making you feel at ease in her presence. My family and myself all play sport. Lucy shows excellent understanding of Anatomy while directing her consultation previous to the treatment, making the massage itself both beneficial and relaxing.

I have recommended Lucy to many of my friends and business colleagues, who like wise are all impressed with Lucy's overall approach. Many of these look forward to a massage when on business in the United Kingdom.

My personal opinion of Lucy is, there are far worse people in this profession, but very few better. I would recommend Lucy very highly "

Emily, London

"I am pleased with the Sports Massages I have been receiving from Lucy. I have seen a number of therapists over the years and her session are far and above the best deep tissue massages I have ever received, thank you very much for your help and advice Lucy"

Bonnie, London

" I was a client of Lucy's for a year and a half. She has been generous with her time and advice. I have been able to have complete confidence in her professional skills. I recommend her as a Complementary, Sports and Remedial Therapist "

Angela, London

" Lucy has all the qualities of a great therapist, including in depth knowledge of clinical anatomy and physiology. She has an excellent client rapport and the ability to diagnose structural adaptations and implications and to report these in a language the client can understand. She has a great interest in her field and continues to further both her personal and professional development"

Rob and Alison Williamson

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga Practitioners

Plumb Blossom Clinic


" Lucy has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and I have enjoyed working with her. I would and have been willing to refer my clients to her if I found that my treatment was not working a fresh pair of eyes and outlook on a treatment was always welcome. Lucy and I worked very closely with 2 McTimoney Chiropractors. We have all worked well as a team on quite a few treatments over the years. If Lucy found her treatment was not right for the client she was always willing to refer him/her in the right direction. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to all her treatments."

Samantha Briggs

Sports Therapist

Ashlins Natural Health


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