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"A cheerful heart is a good medicine" - Proverbs 17:22


This is a style of massage that uses the medium of essential oils taken from plants or flowers. Modern Aromatherapy developed from the 1920s by a French chemist by the name of Gattefosse. He made the discovery that essential oils can be absorbed through the skin and reach the body's organs via the circulatory system.

The essential oils can effect 2 ways - through the circulatory system or through inhalation. Since smell has a direct link to the brain and memory, the smell can sedate you or stimulate you. This can give a more powerful and immediate effect to your treatment.

Potential effects are:

A deeper sense of relaxation

Improvement of circulation

Bolster a relaxation/existing therapy program for various emotional problems

Relief from stress or tension

For these reasons above, it can be incorporated with other treatments to aid in the treatment of:

Muscle fatigue and stiffness including joint problems

Depression, anxiety and stress and associated physical symptoms

Tension and tension related problems i.e. tension headaches, migraines.

Digestive problems i.e. constipation

Included in your treatment

» A full consultation including your medical history, assessment on your lifestyle and possible problem areas.

» An Aromatherapy Massage tailored to you using a blend of essential oils for your holistic needs. This can be a blend of up to 4 essential oils based on the information given in your consultation. This massage caters for your physical, mental and emotional needs for your well being.

» A 5 or 10ml bottle of the blend used in your treatment to take home, complimentary to the treatment. Instructions given on use

» Advice on aftercare or supporting advice to improve your condition or needs

» Access to resources that may benefit your condition or other therapies that may suit your needs

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