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"It is a good deed that needs no regrets and whose fruit is received with joy" - The Dhammapada

Price List:

These are the prices for my therapies, however please check the special offers page for available discounts and offers. These run for a limited time only.

Please also note that on first appointments an initial consultation will be taken. This normally takes approximately 5 - 10 minutes and may affect your treatment duration on first appointments.

Sports / Remedial Massage:



Note: Initial consultation will mean a minimum booking of 45 minutes



90 min:       £65



1 hour :        £50



45 min:       £45



30min:        £40




Initial Consultation and treatment: (90 min):        £70



Follow up appointment (75 min):                              £60



1 Hour:                                                                               £55



Partial Body (45 min):                                                   £50




90min:            £65



1 hour:             £50


45min:            £45



30min:            £40





Pregnancy Massage:




(PLEASE NOTE: Massage is not permitted within the first 3 months / 12 weeks of  pregnancy)



1 hour:               £50



45 min:              £45


30 min:              £40




Indian Head Massage:



45 min:               £45



30min:                £40

Thai Massage:



(PLEASE NOTE: Loose and comfortable clothing are required for this massage and is conducted on a mat at ground level. Should you have any queries that this treatment is suitable for you please contact me)



2 hours:              £80



90 min:               £70



60 min:               £60





Lava Shell Massage:



(PLEASE NOTE: An additional 15 minutes is added to your alloted time slot to prepare and clean the Lava Shells. The duration times listed below are the duration of your massage time.)



90 min:               £75


75 min:               £70



60 min:               £65



45 min:               £55



30min:                £50








Meditation courses are run as 6 week courses throughout the year at the Colchester clinic (Bodyworks Chiropractic Clinic). Please check News and Events for further details on these courses. Guided meditations can also be offered as part of your massage treatment times.




6 week course:    £60


60 min:               £45

30 min:               £35

Combination Treatments:

Some of these treatments can be combined, for example a back, neck and shoulder massage including an Indian Head Massage, or a Sports Massage including a Thai Massage to follow. These again can be suited to a time length as a combined treatment to make it suited to you i.e. 30min Sports Massage plus 30 min Thai Massage say, for a client who wants to work on improving his or her lower body for running as an example. However costs may vary. Please call for a quote.


Classes:     £8 pre booked and paid in advance.

121 and small group:

1-2-1 (60 mins):          £40

2-2-1 (60 mins):         £60 (£30 per person approx)

3-2-1 (60 mins):         £60 (£20 per person approx)

4-2-1 (60 mins):         £80 (£20 per person approx)

For private classes of small groups or organisations, prices are given by quotation. Please contact me for details.  

Gift vouchers are available on request.

NOTE: 50% cancellation fee on first missed appointments for home visit services for cancellations under 24 hrs. 100% there after for cancellations under 24hrs.

100% cancellation fee on all public Yoga classes and Yoga events for cancellations under 24hrs

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