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"A generous heart and wholesome actions lead to greater peace"

- 14th Dalai Lama

Indian Head Massage:

Indian Head Massage is an a method of therapy used throughout India since ancient ages. It was generally used between the female members of the household, as a way of promoting blood flow to the scalp and keeping their hair in a luscious condition. This therapy also known as "champi" or "champissage", was then adopted by barbers within the area as part of a haircare regime. The therapy also has ties within Ayervedic Medicine, an ancient Eastern system of healing, where massage amongst other therapies promote longevity. Over time the system was developed to incorporate the shoulders, neck face as well as scalp and hair.

The modern method now used was brought to the West from India by a Physiotherapist named Narendra Mehta in the 1970s and has increasingly gain popularity as a great method of treatment.


As our Western world is very mentally driven at a fast pace, a lot of our stress is located in the very areas Indian Head Massage treats. In this light, this therapy may help with :

Headaches Stress related, posture related

Neck Pain Posture related, stress related

Jaw problems Temporo-Mandibular Joint Syndrome, problems due to teeth grinding, stress related jaw issues

Sinus Issues Cold recovery, congestion

Tinitus May help relieve/manage symptoms

Stress related conditions Anxiety, depression, insomnia

Because the therapy can be conducted seated or lying, plus with or without oil, it makes a great introduction to people who have never had massage before or for treatment in mobile areas such as the workplace. Many corporate companies employ a therapist with Indian Head Massage training to help with the health of their employees to aid sickness management, as the therapy is ideal for "in house" treatment.

Included in your treatment:

» A full consultation to give an overall picture of your holistic health

» A 30 or 45 minute Indian Head Massage treatment tailored to your needs. The massage can be conducted seated or laying, with or without oil. Aromatherapy essential oils may be used for extra benefit.

» Aftercare advice where necessary. These may include exercises, recommended essential oils or a tailored blend, or aftercare advice on lifestyle adjustments which would benefit your condition.

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