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"Weak or strong, great or mighty, medium, short or small, seen and unseen, those living near and far away, those born and to be born - may all beings be at ease!" - The Metta Sutta

Thai Massage:

This form of massage is based on an ancient Eastern System of treatment and is one of the four branches in Traditional Thai Medicine.

Originally conducted in Thailand by the Buddhist nuns and monks in their temples (Wats), it was a method used not only to aid muscular ailments but to also aid balance internally through the work of pressure on Sen lines, similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridian channels. It was transported to Thailand from India.

In the modern day West it is nicknamed "the lazy person's yoga".

The technique is conducted on the client in loose comfortable clothing, while the therapist uses a range of techniques of both use of hands and feet, plus the use of the therapist using passive stretches to help aid the client gain more mobility, more than possibly realised. A lot of these passive stretches are akin to yoga stretches. For this reason Thai Massage is mainly conducted on a mat rather than a couch.

Benefits Include:

Greater Joint / Muscle Flexibility: Especially good if you feel you need more mobility for everyday life, a sport or hobby. Also noted to be beneficial in cases of reduced flexibility in localised areas i.e. tight legs muscles in runners or reduced shoulder mobility in office workers to name a few. This also promotes better circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body as a whole.

Deep Relaxation:Great for stress relief and restoring balance throughout the body. By moving the body and taking your body through and above your perceived range of motion, it de-stresses tense muscles and in turn unwinds the mind through its slow, methodical approach.

Included in your treatment:

» A full consultation to assess your needs through Thai Massage

» A Thai Massage to suit your specific needs, whether deep relaxation or promotion of flexibility, or to restore a sense of balance to your body. The treatment is conducted in either 60 min, 90 min or 120 min sessions.

» Aftercare advice for your individual needs. This may be in the form of post treatment exercises, self massage techniques, relaxation advice, suggestions of lifestyle changes to aid you in a better quality of life. These are to support you after your treatment.

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