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" Just for today I will not worry..."

- Emperor Meiji


Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui within the early 20th century. Mikao Usui was a Buddhist Martial Artist, whom was trained in both physical and spiritual practices and received the knowledge of Reiki through a 21 day meditation and training course.

Reiki loosely translated means "divine universal life force"

Japanese and essentially Eastern in origin, it is a form of "energetic facilitation of healing", making it a form of treatment that involves light or no touch, yet totally holistic.

It uses the method of channelling universal energy through the practitioner to facilitate healing within the client, to permit the removal of blockages end help to create freer flowing energy within the client.

It is beneficial in many cases, but most beneficial when a client is facing change within their lives or a time of dis-ease, where stability is necessary to help with smooth transition.


Deep relaxation: Because the treatment is light or of no touch

and senses between therapist and client are heightened, it can promote a deeper sense of relaxation

Promotion of Self Awareness: In Reiki an emphasis is placed on clients taking responsibility of their own health and healing, therefore helping for the client to become more aware of their own personal needs.

Aid in Pain relief: In certain cases where permitted Reiki may aid in the reduction of pain in joints, muscle, the digestive system etc. Therefore making it a beneficial aid in the management of discomfort.

Included in your treatment:

» A consultation is conducted to attain what needs are to be met within the treatment plus any questions you may have.

» A 30 min or 1 hour treatment is conducted depending the intensity of your needs.

» An aftercare plan is provided to help you get the most out of your treatment plus methods to help you move forward i.e. relaxation techniques and lifestyle advice to name examples.

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