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"Love sought is good, but given unsought better"

- William Shakespeare

Pregnancy Massage:

Massage during pregnancy is a great way to prepare for the birth of your new child and is becoming increasingly popular for expecting mothers to aid them through pregnancy.

Benefits may include:

Ease of muscular tension or nerve compression: Especially felt in expecting mothers in the lower back and legs.

Reduction of swelling: A common complaint with women are conditions like swollen ankles, massage during pregnancy may ease and alleviate swelling.

Promotion of better circulation: Massage can help promotion of blood flow and fluids through the body, meaning less pressure felt on, for example, the legs. May also help in the limitation of varicose veins. Also a better circulation can also promote a better feed of fluid and nutrients to the placenta to aid in the development of your baby.

Limitation of stretch marks:Massage can improve the skins elasticity, in turn may help in the reduction of stretch marks

Promotion of deep relaxation:This is vital for a mother and her unborn child. Massage may help buffer the emotional stress and physical stress of pregnancy and also help to aid in a better nights sleep. It may also aid to an easier labour.

These are a few of many benefits that may be felt with massage during pregnancy.


It is unadvisable to have a massage if you are under 3 months pregnant

Essential Oils can be used as part of your treatment, however they can be used after 3 months of pregnancy and no later than 7 months of pregnancy

Included in your treatment:

» A full consultation is given to assess your needs for you in childbearing phase

» A tailored pregnancy massage treatment to suit your conditions. This treatment may be given with the use of selected essential oils (safe for use in pregnancy), and can be conducted with the client laying on their side for front (with the use of a pregnancy cushion) for comfort. Treatments can also be given seated for comfort.

» Aftercare advice to aid you through childbearing. These may include posture exercise, use of selected safe essential oils, or advice on products on the market that may help, relaxation techniques or breathing techniques.

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