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5 essential oils to put Spring back into your step!

The land is beginning to turn warmer and everyone and everything is coming out of hibernation as Spring is upon us. It is natural in these months to want to slough off the sleepiness of Winter and our general way of living instinctively becomes lighter and our bodies more active as we make more use of the outdoors again. Sometimes we need a helping hand to get going into the warmer months as we can feel a little sluggish from our own hibernation from the cold, so here I have listed 5 essential oils you can try that may aid you get your bodies and minds moving again. I know I shall be making firm use of these on myself and my clients over the next few months!

Extracted from the berries of a Juniper tree, this essential oil is an all round eliminator of waste! It is detoxifying and gently aids the elimination of waste in our bodies. It is very good for relieving water retention, the treatment of cellulite, stimulating the appetite and cleansing our skin. On a mental/emotional level good to use as a way of gently helping to clear the mind and also act as purifier, so very good on days where you feel a little depleted. I use this oil also to treat with blends that are used on people who are active, especially people who compete in events, as a way to detoxify fatigued muscles either after heavy training or post event. I also use this as a tonic for people feeling drained on any level, to act as a gentle pick me up.

This oil from the Mediterranean works to improve circulation, reducing swelling and fluid retention. It can relieve muscular aches and pains, so especially good as we become more active with the warmth approaching. I tend to use this around this time, as people start to tend to their gardens and get a bit too keen with the weeding! Again a great oil for active people to alleviate over worked muscles. It also acts as a respiratory reliever, so may aid in the treatment of asthma with it’s anti spasmodic properties. With this in mind it is a good oil to open up our breathing and welcome the warmth after the cold.

Clary Sage: This flowery essential oil is a beautiful relaxant as is used to treat stress related issues. It works very well with lavender as many clients report, creating a clean and calm aroma. It is also a wonderful tonic, giving restoration to the body while calming the mind. With its optimistic aroma, it can put some brightness into your stride. It is also very good for muscular aches and pains. It is particularly good on the female reproductive systems as an aphrodisiac, as a way of dealing with menopausal stress, so this is a must have for me with women who have gone through hysterectomies, menopause and any issues relating to the female reproductive system. I also use this as a gentle uplifting and calming oil, when people feel a bit heavy on their feet. Word of warning! Not one to use if planning to drink alcohol later on in the day (or even before) as it can have a narcotic effect.

Grapefruit: This zingy oil is a real mover and shaker! It is great for use when it comes to detoxifying, mentally clearing worn out thought processes, acting as a tonic, getting the digestive system moving and clearing water retention and reducing cellulite. It can aid as an appetite suppressant and metallic stimulant, so great to assist in weight loss programs as an all round physical cleanser. It is also great to use when getting ready for the day ahead as it is a real morning pick me up. Also good to use after the over indulging of Winter. Use this oil in low amounts, especially if exposing yourself to sunlight within 12 hours.

This fresh and bold oil is also a go getter. If is great to use on muscles if active as a way of improving muscle tone, so a great one to use if raising your activity levels and is a main ingredient in sport related essential oil blends. It is also used in the treatment of nervous exhaustion and is a strong pick me up. It is great to use if you need to focus and concentrate. It is very good for toning a sluggish digestive system. This oil however can be an acquired taste. Use little and sparingly as it is powerful and can irritate sensitive skin. Adding 2 - 3 drops in carrier oil will do for a massage blend, or for added punch add 2-3 drops of rosemary for added detoxifying and mental focus.

NOTE: The above oils are intended as ideas for general issues, to be used externally and diluted in carrier oil. As a guide, you can use for a massage mild blend, 6 drops total in around 30ml carrier oil, like grapeseed oil, unless stated you need to use less. For bathing, 4-6 drops will do of total essential oils. This means if you were combining 2 or more oils you would use 4-6 drops in total rather than 4-6 drops of each essential oil. As with all guides it is important to seek out professional advice from a fully qualified and insured Aromatherapist for specific issues. If you would like to know more on how Aromatherapy can aid your days, please feel free to contact me on the details on my website.

Much Love and Warmth! Lx

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